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Effective Marketing for Today's Clients & Customers

In this day and age, it is tougher than ever to get your message out. How do you ensure that anyone actually reads what you've put in front of them? How do you know if the money you spent to get your message out actually gave you a return on your investment? Simple - you market to people the way they want to be marketed to.

We can help you to get your message to your clients or customer base so that they take note. This Email is a perfect example of that - it is far more eye catching than standard text in the body! We can help you create top notch marketing material at a fraction of the cost of printed material - this allows you to get your message in front of your clients or customers quickly. We offer two methods of doing so:

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Basic Email Service

An Email like this one is composed based on your bullet points. Since we are well versed in consumer electronics and the associated technology, there is no need to explain to us how to convey the message. Pictures tell a thousand words and can greatly supplement the content, so they go a long way towards having the Email actually read and/or the recipient choosing to learn more.

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CLICK HERE to access the specifics and pricing for either of our Email Services.

Deluxe Email Service

With our Deluxe Email Service, we distribute the Emails directly to your clients or customers as well as provide to you the following information in regards to the effectiveness of your Email:

  • Bounce Rate - Emails returned without delivery
  • Spam Reports - Those that reported your Email as Spam to their Internet Service Provider
  • Opt Outs - Those that chose to be taken off of your mailing list
  • Opens - Those that opened your Email and viewed it
  • Clicks - Those that clicked on links within the Email and we can tell you specifically which links they clicked on
  • Forwards - Those that forwarded your Email on to a friend or colleague

Our Deluxe Email Service is the best choice if you want to gauge the effectiveness of your Email campaign. We will provide the above information to you 5 days after the Email campaign is sent so that you have an extremely accurate snapshot of just how well your message was received.

Here are a few examples of our work - just click on any one of them to view it in your browser:

Basic EmailBasic EmailBasic EmailDeluxe Email

Please give us a call if you'd like for us to put an eye-catching Email together for you. Or, if you'd simply like to know more, contact us at (602) 999-0942.

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