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Mobile Solutions is coming to Sacramento, CA on Wednesday, July 22nd!

Do you want to be able to offer World Class installation? Are you interested in increasing your productivity? Do you want to be able to say YES to any customer that walks through your front door no matter what vehicle they drive? If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this event is a MUST ATTEND for you and your staff!

In this day and age, consumers shop for value more than ever before. If you're looking for a way give them a reason to become your customer, then you need to differentiate yourself from your competition. Mobile Solutions specializes in providing you the knowledge and resources you require in this ever competitive marketplace. Mobile Solutions not only teaches the techniques and tricks that the best of the best use every day, you'll also learn how to perform them efficiently so that you can increase your overall productivity.

Mobile Solutions specializes in increasing the knowledge level, speed, and precision required by today's Car Audio Professionals! Mobile Solutions teaches effective ways for a specialty retailer to ensure longevity in the changing times of today's mobile electronics business. Quite simply, Mobile Solutions offers the most advanced training support and specialized techniques in the industry.


When:  Wednesday, July 22nd from 10 AM – 7 PM
Where:  Heimburg Sales Group’s Facility
Address:  11295 Sunrise Gold Circle #E, Rancho Cordova, CA – CLICK HERE for a Map!
Phone:  (916) 858-0985 office
Coffee will be provided in the AM, lunch will be served at 12:00 noon, and dinner served at 5 PM

$50.00 per person – includes training and meals!

Following is an outline of the material that will be covered:

Advanced Fabrication (½ Day Seminar)

Advanced Router Techniques
schmittyrouterStop reinventing the wheel each time a custom installation is in the bay! Learn how to reproduce existing shapes and create repeatable templates. We’ll show you how to machine square and rectangular jigs with incredible accuracy for face plates and dash bezels so they fit better than OEM! This course provides something for every installation technician, at any level! You will be amazed at just how good your work can become! Creating irregular shapes that conform to interior panels can be very difficult. We have developed a solution for this obstacle that shaves hours off of the process.  These techniques are proprietary and are only taught by Mobile Solutions. If you are serious about fabrication using a router, this is training for you.

Trim Panel Fabrication
Learn specific covering and seaming techniques that will reduce your upholstery time significantly. Bryan will cover in-depth vinyl & suede inlay techniques, vinyl embossing and technical vinyl wrapping. Every technician will see first hand finishing techniques that will take their installations to the next level. Participants will see several demonstrations that will give you key insight for successful trim panel construction. This training will also focus on surface preparation for vinyl and different glue types. Also included is a comprehensive overview of many OEM fabric and vinyl selections as well as time-saving upholstery tools. All the pieces of the puzzle come together in this “can’t miss” training.


Acrylic Logo Branding
The most valuable product that you can provide to your customer is your Custom Labor. So why not put the finishing touch on your work and brand it with your store logo? Brand all of your custom installations and let your competition know who the best. Mobile Solutions has pioneered a process that simple and inexpensive. Transform any picture, paper logo or custom print to a permanent Plexiglas (clear acrylic) visual element. Each participating technician will have the chance to build their own acrylic logo and show their skills. Bring your business cards or store’s literature!

schmittygrilleWhat you will learn:
•Detailed router work examples
• How to seam different materials together (vinyl, suede & carpet)
• New vinyl embossing techniques
• Technical vinyl wrapping examples
• OEM fabric, glue and supplies
• Adding a custom acrylic logo to any trim panel
• Laminating custom prints to Plexiglas (clear acrylic)
• Hands-On logo branding and laminating
• Examples of logo branding for any custom installation

Who should attend?
• Installation Managers
• Installation Technicians of all skill levels!
• Shop personnel serving an installation related function
• Store owners

Don’t miss out on the best upholstery and finishing trade secrets!


System Calibration and OEM Integration   (½ Day Seminar)

Sound System Gain Architecture (it’s more than a dial on the amplifier!)
If you want mobile audio systems to go out the door exceeding all your customers’ expectations, and still be schmittyoem“bulletproof”, a firm grasp of the concepts of proper gain setting is essential. We’ll show you the differences in sound quality that executing proper system level setting can make and also demonstrate why understanding and implementing “gain overlap” is crucial to getting the maximum performance and reliability from the system.

Implementing a complete level setting and tuning strategy, one component at a time
You’ll discover how to set up the system for your customers’ tastes and preferences, and make them feel as though it is not simply an installation, but a completely custom system designed specifically for them. You will learn how to set gain structure from every component in the system so that you achieve the maximum performance, lowest noise floor, and highest signal to noise ratio. You will learn equalization and crossover tips to make audible improvements rather than just making the system “sound different”.
Finally, you will determine how to compute the power output of the audio system and you will be surprised at how great sounding a properly adjusted, modestly powered system can sound.

Upgrading OEM Audio Systems – Become the Expert!
If you are not adapting strategies to integrate aftermarket products in today’s vehicles, you will find yourself with progressively fewer and fewer cars to work on. The feature sets and cosmetic integration of many factory installed audio systems means that changing the in-dash source unit is not always an option – nor is it the best way to allocate your customer’s money. This does not mean that you can’t build a great audio system though. Keeping the in-dash source unit and building a system down stream is not only an elegant approach to upgrading a vehicle’s audio system, but it places you in the company of a more skilled group of technicians who can command better labor rates because the other guys are still trying to do things the old way.


What you will learn:

  • Evaluating factory bandwidth limited channels tpi440currentclamp
  • Audio Signal and Grounding Schemes, Inputs and Outputs
  • Measuring and Understanding Various OEM Audio Signals
  • What Integration Products Are Out There and What They Do
  • Assigning Labor Rates to the electrical side of OEM Integration
  • Sound system gain architecture (it’s more than a dial on the amplifier!)
  • Implementing a complete level setting strategy, one component at a time
  • How and what to charge for this service

Who should attend?

  • Installation Managers
  • Installation Technicians of all skill levels!
  • Shop personnel serving an installation related function
  • Store owners

Stop turning away difficult vehicles… Learn the secrets to add audio to ANY vehicle!

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For more information, contact Laurie Heimburg at (916) 858-0985 or - attendance will be limited to the first 30 that sign up!